The husband of my mother’s aunt Gladys, whom I called uncle Fred, had a dairy farm in Binghamton, NY.  And, of course, uncle Fred had some tractors.  One of my favorite pictures from childhood is of me on one of his A-Frame beasts.  I think it was taken in 1955.  So, I apparently have loved tractors from an early age.


The first tractor that I bought was a 1953 Ford 8N.  I bought it in 1985, just after we moved to our farm in Forsyth County.


It ran, but it needed work.  I managed to separate the engine and transmission and get the engine block to a machine shop to mill the head.  I changed out the clutch myself.  I got it put back together, and ran it for many years.  


When I got the Massey Ferguson, I let the Ford sit out in the weather.  It sat too long.  I didn’t have the patience to bring it back to life.


I gave it to my cousin’s husband Dave in Chicago where he and his son gave it the TLC it needed and brought it back to life.  It’s now a proud entry in the various neighborhood parades they have in Libertyville, IL.


Looking back on this, I see that I’ve already shown that I can do some serious tractor mechanics, so I really wonder if I’m as inept as my self-talk says.


I’ve decided that I’m going to be intentional about being a tractor mechanic.


And I’m fighting the resistance on this one.  


I know I can do it, but this voice in my head. . . .