I watch a Youtube channel called Just A Few Acres, where several times each week, the host Pete shows about 15 to 20 minutes of life on his 40-acre farm near Ithaca, NY.   Pete inherited this 7th-generation family farm, but he didn’t grow up there, and he didn’t start out as a farmer.  He was an architect, a partner and principal in his firm.  And while working his full time job, he found time to completely renovate the rundown farmhouse, buy and restore old tractors, and be a husband and father to his wife and three children.


And then he quit the job because it was unbearable.  He took the plunge into being a full time famer.


I have greatly simplified this very difficult part of his life.  If you’re interested you can find more in this video he made in August, 2021.  And you can buy the book he wrote about it.


In this video he says that to survive this transition emotionally, he had to invent a new structure to his life.  The structure was an essential component of his survival and later success.


This lesson of needing structure is what I am carrying into my retirement planning.  In the 920 days between now and my retirement I will plan that new structure and put it into play.  I have a few ideas on what it will be like.  Just ideas.  I want to think a bit on how these will play out before being any more specific.