Two things happened today.


First, I followed through on my visit to the Goodwill Thrift Store and Donation Center in Cumming, Georgia.


My key takeaway: it’s a popular place.  On a Thursday afternoon (4:00 - ish) a line of cars waited to drop off donations.  The store had at least 30 patrons inside, and they had lots of social distancing because it’s HUGE inside - 27,660 sq ft according to the Forsyth County tax records.  In addition to the men’s and women’s clothes (which were by far the largest offering), they had bicycles, toys, stuffed animals, dinnerware, cookware, shoes, wall hangings, furniture, Christmas decorations, pictures, picture frames, exercise equipment, and jewelry. 


I didn’t see any tools.  That kind of surprised me.


This isn’t the only nearby store like this.  I think we have three or four within a 10-mile radius of where I live, and all of them are big stores.  And we have at least twenty in north Georgia.  


The prices are like this: T-shirts $2.99. Polo shirts $5.99, Trousers/pants/slacks $5.99.  Jeans $7.99.  Sport or suit jackets $6.99.  Shoes $5.99.


I didn’t pick through the racks - didn’t have time for that - but in my quick scan of the merchandise, I saw a few items I wouldn’t mind having.  I’m taking next week off from the day job, and I plan to go shopping for new clothes, just to get a comparison.  I’ll keep you posted.


The second, and more exciting thing that happened. . . I’m going to save that for tomorrow because I’m still trying to process it.  It’s not life-changing or overly dramatic, it’s just a neat thing that happened because I made some good decisions.  And I need to think more of how this has played out because of the decisions I’ve made over the past few years, and what that means about the decisions I’m making now.  You know, decisions about podcasting every day, writing every day, and being intentional about developments in my life.  Yeah, I need to think about these things.