I spend way too much time on YouTube, and one of my favorite ways to waste time there is watching videos of tractor rebuilds, repairs, and restorations.  I’m a sucker for those videos where they take an old tractor that’s been sitting unused for years in a barn or out in the field, and they bring it back to life.  Like this one from Stoney Ridge Farmer, or this one from Just A Few Acres.


I’m not headed there.  I just want to tinker with the one I’ve got.  I have four things that need fixing. 


First, replace the steering wheel.  You would think this is easy, but no.  The nut holding it in place is rusted onto the shaft and I haven’t been able to budge it.  This is going to take some serious engineering mojo.


Second, replace the drag link end assembly on the steering linkage.  It’s way too loose.  This “should” be easy, so I’m wary. 


Then, replace the upper lift linkage that has the leveling gearbox on it, because the one that’s on there was a repair, and it just doesn’t work very well.


And finally, I need to get a muffler. Seriously.


Thank you Eliza Diamond for today’s artwork.